Grand Prix de Geneve (Switzerland)

Newton's GP victory

CHRIS Newton, riding for VC Annemasse, scored a win in the 168km Grand Prix Geneva, breaking clear of his breakaway companions with 12 kilometres to go.

"A group of four of us went clear with 20 kilometres to go and then I attacked. It was into a headwind but I knew it was going to turn along the lake and that helped. I was 18 seconds clear on the line and there was a big picture in the paper next day," explained Newton.

1. Chris Newton (VC Annemasse) 168km 4:14:25
2. Daniel Schnyder (GS Swiss Post Team) at 8”
3. Alexander Aeschbach (GS Tissot-Saeco)
4. Michael Themann (GS Ericsson-Villiger) at 33”
5. Franck Ramel (EC Saint-Etienne) at 46”
6. Marcel Gemperle (GS Wetzikon/Gerber)