British National Team Pursuit Championship

2nd Gold
Courteousy of British Cycling

During the Team Pursuit qualifying round the "Composite A" Team comprising Ed Clancy, Steve Cummings, Paul Manning and Chris Newton recorded 4.07.880, which was the fastest time of the day, to ensure their place in the ride off for gold. The closest Team and second fastest of the day were the Team comprising Ross Sander, Ian Stannard, Ben Swift and Geraint Thomas.

In the final "Composite A" sprinted away from the start line with only one thought on their minds, a catch, which they achieved in just over 2m 46s forcing the Team to settle for Silver. The Glendene Team made up of Jonathan Bellis, Peter Kennaugh, Luke Rowe and Alex Dowsett saw off the challenge to win Bronze from the "Composite B" Team of Adam Blyth, Steven Burke, Andrew Fenn & Mark McNally.

Qualifying Round Result & Finals Draw
1. Composite A (Ed CLANCY Steve CUMMINGS, Paul MANNING, Chris NEWTON) 4.07.880
2. (Ross SANDER, Ian STANNARD, Ben SWIFT, Geraint THOMAS) 4.16.657
3. Glendene CC (Jonathan BELLIS, Peter KENNAUGH, Luke ROWE, Alex DOWSETT) 4.19.472
4. Composite B (Adam BLYTHE, Steven BURKE, Andrew FENN, Mark McNally) 4.21.807
5. Plowman Craven RT (Malcolm ELLIOTT, Tony GIBB, Tom SMITH, James TAYLOR) 4.22.210
6. (John McCLELLAND, Joel STEWART, Alex WISE, James HOLLAND-LEADER) 4.35.392
7. VC St Raphael (Ben ELLIOTT, Alan PEET, Jason STREATHER, Andrew RUSSELL) 4.35.431
8. Scotland (Peter ETTLES, Kevin BARCLAY, Jason CROMBIE, Ross YATES) 4.38.148
9. Cambridge CC (Robert COX, Douglas BRADSHAW, Johannes ROUX, Digby SYMONS) 4.49.583
10. Cleveland Wheelers (Alex AINSLEY, Lewis MEADOWS, Richard MEADOWS, Marcus SMITH) 4.50.439
11. MJS Racing (Rob BISHOP, Jack HIBBERD, Martin OSMAN, Nick WALFORD) 4.51.838
12. Solihull CC (Ian COWAN, James COWAN, Tom HIBBERD, Andy PEAT) 4.55.852
13. Raleigh ERV (Elizabeth ARMISTEAD, Siobhan MULLAN, Kim BLYTH, Monica EDEN) 5.32.112

5th to 11th places
5. Plowman Craven RT 4.21.211
6. VC St Raphael 4.38.524

7. Scotland 4.40.822
8. MJS Racing 4.51.838
9. Cambridge CC 4.50.323
10. Solihull CC ct in 4.30.563
11. ct in 2.00.494

Bronze Medal Ride
Glendene CC 4.17.445
Composite B 4.22.182

Composite A
caught ct in 2.46.449