World Cup Points Race (USA)

Men's Points Race
Courteousy of British Cycling, Larry Hickmott and

This 120 lap race came down to the final sprint, with the top two riders separated by one point only. 19 year old Cameron Meyer (Australia), riding in his first mass-start World Cup, took the victory by jumping onto key breaks that stayed away to take points.

David O'Loughlin (Ireland) tried to steal a lap multiple times, but the field was too aggressive, with riders immediately jumping on his wheel each time he got a gap. Brit Chris Newton took the lead after the first sprint, and he and Meyer swapped it throughout the race, with the Aussie scoring points in seven of the 12 sprints. Newton was fading towards the end, as he tried to police every break, and missed the final one with Meyer, Sergey Kolesnikov (Russia) and Joan Llaneras Rosello (Spain).

"I was really hurting, but Llaneras moved, so I went with the Russian (Kolesnikov). After that I just tried to stay with them to the end."

Meyer took maximum points in the final sprint, while Newton didn't take any, sealing the victory.

1 Cameron Meyer 24 pts
2 Christopher Newton 20
3 Sergey Kolesnikov 14
4 Joan Llaneras Rosello 13
5 Tim Mertens 10
6 O'David Loughlin 7
7 Martin Blaha 6
8 Michael Creed 3
9 Ignatas Konovalovas 2
10 Roman Kononenko 1
11 Oleksandr Klimenko 1
12 Oleksandr Polivoda 1
13 ELORRIAGA Unai Zubiaur -14
14 Bobby Lea -15
15 Juan Esteban Curuchet -15
16 Kazuhiro Mori -18
17 Pim Ligthart -18
18 Marcel Kalz -20
19 Bruno Menzi -20
20 François Lamiraud -20
21 Zach Bell -20
22 Angelo Ciccone -20
DNF Rafat Ratajczyk 0
DNF Ian Stannard 0