British National 20km Scratch Race Championship

Mac serves up double with ease
Courtesy of British Cycling and Larry Hickmott

After a quiet start the first serious move came from Paul Manning who went clear and opened up a third of a lap lead, before relaxing back into the field. This seemed to animate the riders and Newton, Dowsett and Jonny Bellis were just three of several who had a try off the front. The 100% ME duo of Hampton and Bellis then got clear and ripped round the track but they stalled at a half lap lead, which they seemed to hold for ages, before they were finally forced to give best to the field, which had covered the first 10km in just 12 minutes! The racing had been so frantic that a lull was then almost inevitable, but it didn't last for long.

The 100% ME boys than made another move with Bellis Hampton and Burke briefly assuming Team Pursuit formation, stretching the field in the process, before sitting up. Team-mate Dowsett then had a go, underlining the fitness and determination of the team's young riders.

Newton then suddenly drifted off the front and was joined by Burke, Kennaugh and Manning and this quartet suddenly looked dangerous, especially as the rest of the field suddenly fragmented into small groups behind them. Bellis and Page were following closely behind, but the leading quartet quickly caught the back of the field and then went clear again eliminating the majority of the race in the process. Eventually only Page was left in the race behind them, stranded as the laps ran out.

Going in to the end of the race, Steven Burke was the first to strike for home at two laps to go and the 100% ME rider showed great strength and speed in holding off two renowned finishers in Chris Newton and Peter Kennaugh, to claim the gold medal. Manning was fourth and Page fifth.

1. Steven BURKE 100% ME
2. Chris NEWTON
3. Peter KENNAUGH Pinarello RT
4. Paul MANNING Landbrouwkredit
5. Kieran PAGE AVC Aix-En-Provence