World Cup Points Race (Manchester)

Men's Points Race
Courtesy of British Cycling and Larry Hickmott. Photos Gerry McManus ( and Andy Whitehouse (

Chris Newton rode a superb, almost perfect, Points Race to claim the sixth gold medal of the evening for the home riders and complete a clean sweep on the second day for the GB, Sky and 100% ME teams.

The GB rider got off to a great start, scoring well in all the first 6 sprints, winning the second, fifth and sixth in the process. He naturally featured prominently in all the main action at the front of the race and just after the sixth sprint he lapped the field in the company of Teruel of Spain and Keisse of Belgium. At this stage he had a huge lead of 12 points from Keissie.

There was a brief lull in the action then Newton was back at it, winning the eighth sprint and extending his lead to 16 points, putting him almost safe with over 30 laps to go.

From then on it should have been a case of "job done" and a change of focus to marking his main rivals and watching the scrapping for the minor placings. But when you're in this kind of form it's tempting to keep going and Newton was at it again scoring in both the ninth and tenth sprints to really ram home the message to his rivals.

And then to cap things off he drove a small break clear with 5 laps to go to the finish and, with the tail of the main field in sight, he claimed the final sprint. It was a win which encapsulated the home riders' dominance on a truly remarkable day!

1. NEWTON Chris GBR 58
3. KEISSE Iljo BEL 36
4. VIVIANI Elia ITA 10
5. O'SHEA Glenn TOS 10
6. HOFFMAN Nolan RSA 7