World Points Race Championship (Poland)

Men's Points Race - Bronze for Newton
Courtesy of British Cycling and Larry Hickmott. Images by Gerry McManus/

Chris Newton took bronze in the points race after looking good for Gold in the early stages.

From the start, Newton was in the driving seat, picking up regular points and controlling every move. However, in the mid section, Cameron Meyer, Daniel Kreutzfeldt and the other big players began to show their hand, forcing Newton to work hard to close down gaps as a succession of groups attempted to get away. Newton, wearing the World Cup leader's jersey, understandably received little support from the others and in the end this caused him to miss out on valuable points mid race. The win began to slip away from Newton by the penultimate sprint, with Meyer pulling out a 5 point gap from Newton. At the final sprint, Chris hit the front, knowing that he'd missed out on Gold but determined to secure Bronze. Cameron Meyer of Australia took gold, with Kreutzfeldt in close attendance taking Silver.

Chris spoke to us after his race: "I wanted to take it on from the front and race the race to win. I was going for the win but there were no breaks sticking. At one point I went, and it was the perfect time, but I ended up by myself and it is too hard trying to take a lap by yourself. It was getting close and I was thinking - oh no, not another fourth place!I tried everything I could so a bronze medal is still good."


1 MEYER Cameron AUS 24 pts
2 KREUTZFELDT Daniel DEN 22 pts
3 NEWTON Chris GBR 21 pts
5 KIRYIENKA Vasili BLR 15 pts
6 PEARCE Colby USA 14 pts
7 KLUGE Roger GER 13 pts
8 WONG Kam Po HKG 8 pts
9 BELL Zachary CAN 6 pts
10 KADLEC Milan CZE 6 pts