Race Results

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20-Feb-2002 Tour of Rhodes 4th (prologue)
3-Mar-2002 Neil White Memorial RR 1st
29-Mar-2002 Good Friday Meeting (Herne Hill) 2 wins
10-Apr-2002 Cinturón Ciclista Internacional a Mallorca (Spain) 2nd (stage 1)
26-Apr-2002 Circuit des Mines (France) 1st (stage 4)
9-May-2002 Tour de La Manche (France) 1st overall
19-May-2002 FDB Milk Ras (Ireland)

2nd overall
3 stage wins
Points winner

9-Jun-2002 British National '25' TT Championship Bronze
7-Jul-2002 Ellis Briggs Grand Prix 1st
11-Jul-2002 Tour of Bohemia (Czech Republic) 1st (stage 1)
1-Aug-2002 Commonwealth Games Team Pursuit Silver
2-Aug-2002 Commonwealth Games Points Race Bronze
24-Aug-2002 Surrey League 5-Day 2nd overall
1st (stage 3a)
25-Aug-2002 Mike Binks Memorial RR 1st
1-Sep-2002 British National Points Race Championship Gold
2-Sep-2002 British National 20km Scratch Race Championship 4th
4-Sep-2002 Hessen-Rundfahrt (Germany) 8th (stage 3)
26-Sep-2002 World Team Pursuit Championship (Denmark) Bronze
27-Sep-2002 World Points Race Championship (Denmark) Gold
5-Oct-2002 Bikeline Invitation TT 1st
6-Oct-2002 Dortmund Six (Germany) 14th
9-Nov-2002 Manchester Charity Track Meeting 1st
Dec-2002 CA Rhodes Memorial Trophy Special award